Operating Cost

The vast majority of the world’s water treatment systems today use a process known as Chemical Coagulation (CC). This is a very costly process, which attempts to remove harmful elements from water by adding millions of metric tons of what are considered to be “less harmful” treatment chemicals and chlorine into the world’s ecosystem each year. This makes very little sense to us. In contrast, Greenfield’s A.L.E.F. system can be installed at an average of 50% less than other systems and operates on an average of 10% of the daily operating cost of chemical coagulation, while using no harmful chemicals. Our systems are designed specifically to each customer’s needs. Our mobile units can process anywhere from 10 GPM to 1,000,000 gallons per day and as our permanent systems are designed in modular fashion, they can be scaled up or down to process and treat any amount of water required by our clients.

Operating Cost Comparison:

Chemical Coagulation A.L.E.F.
Per gallon $0.03 $0.001
Per 1,000 gallons $30.00 $1.00
Avg. Per year $425,400.00 $50,700.00

The estimated yearly operating savings using A.L.E.F. at a standard municipal wastewater treatment facility in place of chemical coagulation is $374,700 per year. This does not include labor, transportation or disposal costs.

When compared to other water treatment systems that utilize technology similar to Greenfield’s A.L.E.F. system (such as electrocoagulation), it has been shown that A.L.E.F. operates at a savings of over 25% due to its advanced design, power supply, and ease of operation.

Moreover, with thousands of aging municipal water facilities needing increased capacity and very costly updates, many water plants will soon have to make costly decisions when faced with updating their current facilities. While traditional chemical, biological and electrocoagulation based systems this can be very costly, as there is often the need to build an entirely new infrastructure and additional treatment ponds. With A.L.E.F. there is often no need for structural updates or new ponds, as A.L.E.F.'s modular / tubular reactors are designed to be easily installed in the existing structures for increased treatment and capacity without shutting down current operations – providing municipalities and their citizens with cleaner, safer water while saving tax payers millions of dollars in the process.